“The truth? The truth… There is no truth. These men just make it up as they go along.” – Agent Alex Krychek

In 2004, a secret meeting of the Joint Security Committee of the European Union admitted that the current practice of the sharing of intelligence between agencies and ally governments was riddled with competition, mistrust, illegality, private sector influences and corruption. Compared to the North American joint-intelligence policies, Europe’s system was tainted, sickly, and easily infiltrated which was hampering negotiations with the U.S.A’s and even Canada’s intelligence & technological practices.

Despite having the governments of dozens of countries all committed to a European-wide safety net, the reality was that each country’s operatives and agencies continued to look out for their own at the expense of the whole as they had since their inception. Even within agencies, departments and branches did not know what the other was doing or were guided by bitter rivalries and a unwieldy bureaucracy. Defections, moles, bribed officials, and traitors were becoming common place. In a world that was becoming more and more global, Europe’s special operations organizations had not been able to adapt. A more collaborative effort had to be made.

When the Committee delegates briefed their respective heads of government on their proposals for improvements, the back-lash was severe. The practice of protectionism was so ingrained and their sense of patriotism so crucial to their re-election campaigns that no serious, cooperative solution was given the resources and the sanction to go ahead. Of course some public committees were formed, conferences held, and even an advisory board formed that would report directly to the EU, but it was given neither the funds nor the backing to do anything other than send polite letters to other countries.

But since when have politicians run the countries of the world?

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